Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Randomness again...

Well, having no camera is not much fun. There have been so many times in the past two weeks when I'd have taken pictures! I finally got out the old Kodak and took a couple just for you, my faithful blog reader. Unfortunately Rick had reformatted the card for the new camera so now we can't get to them! Then I decided to take a couple with the new camera even though it is broken and just see what happened. That would be the picture above. So the good thing is, it still takes pictures. The bad part though is that there is no screen to see what exactly you are taking a picture of!

So what else is happening in our house? Not much. Trace finally earned the money to buy a unicycle of his own. So we took him downtown to a juggling store -did you even know such a thing existed? They had the exact one that he had been wanting and he was so excited! He has been riding it every day and even took it on a 1.3 mile ride! I'm impressed.

We got a letter in the mail this past weekend from the IRS. It can never be a good thing to get something from the IRS. Apparently they decided they didn't like something we had on our taxes so they took the liberty of changing it and therefore we now owed them x amount + interest! They were kind enough to include an envelope to return our payment to them in. This morning I got to take them downtown and get it all straightened out - fun. For now they say it has been changed, I'll believe it when I have the check in my hand.

On our way home we kept getting stuck at red lights. Paige has now learned what they mean and was getting frustrated that it wouldn't turn green. Then I hear from the back (big sigh) "we're just gonna have to live our whole life at these lights!" I agree kiddo.

My house is slowly rapidly falling apart around me. I've gotten some little things done but overall the place is a wreck. I am not motivated to do much about it either. Today I wandered WalMart trying to find something to buy that might motivate me to come home and clean. Guess what I found?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Good thing though, we are too tight on money right now for me to be spending frivolously. What happened? I was doing so well at following my cleaning schedule and really enjoying the benefits of doing it too. Then somewhere it fell apart and now I don't feel like doing anything about it! Uggg. Well, I do know part of what happened. There is NO storage in this house. We have our own closets, a small linen, a small coat and some space under the stairs (enough for the file cabinets and the kids art stuff mostly.). That leaves Paige's closet overflowing with hand-me-downs (I'm NOT complaining) and Caden's closet - well Caden's whole room could be a post of it's own. What I'd love more than anything right now would be some white storage cupboards! Just the little half size so then the top could be put to use as well. Unfortunately nothing is cheap - even the cheap stuff! So, maybe I should plan a large family event. That might get it done. Then again that might just force me to shove it all into hiding.


Tim said...

I hear you! We are downsizing from a small house to an even smaller house! One of the girl's room is just a giant clothes pile right now (thanks for the clothes!)

I think you should start a "Not Me Mondays" and just do a not me post every Monday. I liked those.

Sue said...

by the way...that wasn't Tim who wrote the above! That was me!