Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Me Monday on Tuesday

In the last week I did not read an article about not using shampoo then decide to try it out myself. I certainly would not have skipped washing for a full 24 hours only to decide that theory is full of bunk! I never would have let my children pick whatever they wanted for dinner then proceeded to watch them choose yogurt, dry cereal, English muffin and fruit leather. And that dry cereal could not be Cinnamon Toast Crunch - because we do not allow sugar cereals in our house. I never would have thought that doubling the amount of cookie dough in a certain recipe was a good idea. I would not have put said cookie dough on my baking stone only to have it flow over the sides like lava flows from a volcano taking over everything in it's path. Nor could I have then spent the next 5 minutes attempting to stop the flow of goodness only to make a larger mess and have the house fill with a haze of thick smoke! Nope, not me. Just couldn't happen around here.

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