Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"They" Cause a Lot of Conflict

One blog mom that I follow was talking this week about how she feeds her family. Her goal is to only feed foods that have one ingredient. One. That's it. Of course she can then combine them into a meal but her children think that cherry tomatoes, and humus are a snack. She also eats organic and washes all fruits and vegetables with soap and water. Then there is the issue with High Fructose Corn Syrup. It's bad for our kids. And it is in everything they eat. Oh and don't forget about artificial colors or all the bugs, unnatural bacteria and waste they throw into stuff without our knowledge. Someone once told me they add puss to milk. Now I don't want to know if this is true or not (really I don't) because it already took me a couple of years to move past it. Our water has been found to have medications and drugs in it (along with all those dangerous metals too). Should I be worried about my kids getting high if they drink too much H2O? Oh, but we are supposed drink up to 8 glasses a day. Or was it three? Does milk count? I guess not since we shouldn't be drinking it. The bread we all grew up on is apparently nothing but sugar. But dang it tastes a lot better than this new whole wheat crap! I'll take my Franz any day over Triple Nut barley bread. You shouldn't eat too much or restrict yourself too much. Moderation. When having a desert take only one bite and enjoy it. What? Are you kidding me? Watch the fat in foods and lower your sodium intake. High calories are killers too. Fake sugar isn't, well, natural and 'natural' on a label doesn't mean what you think it means.

So what's my point? I don't really think I have one. Except to say that I am sick of hearing all this garbage that 'they' are feeding us. Don't 'they' know that there is so much conflicting information that many of us just plain don't care any more? I'd rather have a Twinkie a day and die two years earlier than eat only single ingredient foods and live an extra couple of years. The healthiest person you know could get cancer tomorrow. So could you. So could I. But I'll die happier!

Am I feeding my kids crap all the time as a result? No. I really do insist on relatively healthy stuff. But what I consider a healthy snack is something someone else would consider poison. The extra weight I'm carrying might be considered 'fat' but I prefer to think of it as making myself more cuddly. What kid wants to snuggle with hard bones?

That's just a few of the thoughts buzzing through my head today. You probably don't want to know the others! Now, I think I'll go have a Ho Ho and dump some frozen food on a cookie sheet, throw it in the oven and call it dinner!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...I am cracking up. Isn't that the truth though.


Jill said...

Amen sister! I am in complete agreement with you on all counts! Single ingredient food...WHAT!!! Truly who has time for that? I am lucky to get my kids feed. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of your Grandma who LOVED junk food and always had "snackies" around, including chips, cake, pies, cookies, etc.

Hey, chocolate is a single ingredient food. Yippeee!