Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Aye' Matey!

We pulled the boys out of school early today and totally surprised them. The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chiefton were docked here in our downtown area! Since no one probably knows why that is so exciting - let me tell you... The Lady Washington is one of the ships used in filming the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! Trace and Caden are SOOO into the online Disney Pirates game that we knew they would be in total awe getting to see the real ship! Well, they were so excited once they saw the ships. Unfortunately the Lady Washington was removing one of their masts so that they can make it further up river in a few days. Since it is a pretty dangerous thing to do we wern't allowed on the ship. But we did spend close to an hour on the HC and covered nearly every inch! All in all it was well worth it. Even the rain let up after about 15 minutes!

Now, if my children turn out to be the village idiots my mother in law says it will be all because we took them out of school for the afternoon! :)


Jill said...

That is really cool! I bet the boys will remember that experience a lot longer than they remember how to solve a story problem! You are a good mom to recognize that!

Anonymous said...

Pirate Nell (aka Nana) says way to go!!

Life is about making memories.