Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Really now,

I think we've had enough snow! This is the Pacific Northwest for cryin' out looud! Normally we are lucky to see an inch or two for a few days a year. This snow came down Sunday morning and the boys were excited that it was good enough for rolling into balls to make a fort. It hadn't all completely melted when we woke up this morning. As I was listening to my alarm/radio they are talking about more snow! When the boys came in I told them to open the window. Nothing. Not even five minutes later as Caden returned I hear, "MOM! It's snowing!" At the moment it is beautiful and almost as much as Sunday morning. But enough already! Isn't it almost time for spring? Now I'm just hoping the school doesn't decide to send them home early! Yes, this is enough to have caused a delayed start at least had it started just an hour earlier.
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