Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pulling carpet at Nana and Papa's kept us busy and away from home most of the weekend. The boys helped some but also had fun with their DS's and Paige's Mr. Potato Head. We got almost all of it up and were pretty exhausted. I was amazed that over twenty people responded to my craigslist posting to give away the carpet! Even more amazed that only one person actually showed up. Apparently craigslisters are notorious for being no-shows. From my experience they are also kinda scary people. Honestly I've not done a ton of buying or selling on there but the majority of people I've delt with were a bit on the odd side. It always reminds me why you shouldn't be by yourself when making a deal! And everyone "sounds" so normal in the e-mails. Makes me really wonder about the ones who don't seem normal in their e-mails!
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Jill said...

Craigslist is crazy and scary! I have sold things and it is crazy how many people want your stuff! But those that actually follow through are few. Are your parents doing new carpet or hardwood?