Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dryer lint. I'm good about cleaning my lint trap. As a kid I saw our neighbors house on fire from a dryer fire, so I'm good about cleaning it. Not so good as far as turning it off when I leave the house though. Seriously, I'd never get my laundry done if I didn't occasionally leave it running! Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I decided to actually look down below the actual lint trap itself. What I saw was rather surprising and prompted me to get Rick's "cool pincher tool". I have no better name for this tool (I'm sure he does) but it has prooven invaluable in our home. Many small toys have been retieved from the penny jar and other small spaces over the years with it. It is a flexible, long tool with a button on one end and when you push it it pushes out a little metal "claw" on the other end. Releasing the button causes the "claw" grab. So there I was on my knees in the laundry room pulling lint from the dryer and wondering why the makers don't make it easier. Why is it that you can only get to the lint trap? They warn you all the time about cleaning the lint and what a fire hazard it is and yet they close off all access to the areas it collects in! What's up with that? You can't even reach a vacuum hose in there! You'd think they might have come up with something better by now. Unless they want your dryer to eventually catch fire so you'll replace it. Maybe that's it, it's a conspiracy!
I guess that's enough of my randomness for today. Hopefully I haven't bored you too much!
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