Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guns and Roses?

Ok, I admit it. We let our kids play with guns. Not only do we let them play with them we even let them pretend to be shooting each other! And Caden in particular happens to have an entire arsenal in his bedroom! Wooden guns, Star Wars guns, Civil war guns, Nerf guns and even a few swords. His favorite activity is to play war and he asks us daily to play it with him. Admittedly I'm not very good at playing war and try to avoid it at all cost. When Trace was born I thought maybe I should follow political correctness and not allow guns. I gave it a half hearted attempt until Caden came along and was about 18 months old. Then it all went out the window one afternoon at lunch time when Caden very carefully (and quite artfully I might add) bit his soy butter sandwich into the shape of a gun and was shooting Trace across the table! So by the time Paige joined the family we had full fledged, mini, future NRA members in our house. I should have known she'd join right in! She has now become Caden's regular partner in crime (or crime fighting). I couldn't resist the chance to get them in action yesterday!

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