Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Quick Trip…


We tried to take advantage of Rick having three days in a row off and go down to the beach.  Then Paige ran a fever and kept us home one night to make sure she wasn’t coming down with something!  We left the next morning though and were on the beach by 1:00.  The kids dug and ran for hours!  Trace decided to dig until he reached water and Caden made the path to Trace’s hole.P1070266-2P1070268-2

Rick had some fun flying his stunt kite and “chasing” the boys with it!  In the last picture you can see the tip of the kite’s wing.


Paige wanted Trace to bury her feet.  He went a little farther and she was very happy with the results!  What a couple of nuts!P1070308-2P1070316-2

The end of a perfect day.  The end of a too short trip.  The end of two days of bickering.

The end.

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Jill said...

So much fun at the beach! I am missing the beach this summer! I long for the cold water and sand not to mention the beautiful scenery! I am glad you guys got away! Great pictures as usual!