Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer days…


Look at me!  I’m a swimming girl!”  It took quite a bit of persuasion but Paige is finally in the pool without clinging to an adult – whew!

Caden loves to just be a goofball in the pool!  He is proudly learning to swim deeper and deeper this year!P1070046-2

After taking some pictures today, Caden and Paige jumped in for a shot.  I love this one of Paige.  It is such an open, pure(?) look at her little face.  What a beautiful little girl.P1070073-2-9

Then there is this guy.  Never takes a bad picture.  I don’t pose him or give him any suggestions.  All I said was, “Caden, let me take one of you.”  P1070069-3-9

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