Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot Springs…

A friend and I were able to make an unexpected mid-week trek to the Hot Springs resort several hours away.  So we packed up the kids, the food, the inner tubes, swimsuits, food, sunscreen, towels, food, etc, etc… and headed off.

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We ate lunch on the lawn when we got there then headed in for some warm swimming.  And I do mean WARM!  The pool must have been 95 degrees!  It is hard for me to admit, but it was actually a little too warm.  The kids had a blast though and swam until hunger took over.  So we headed back out to have a snack break.  Then back in to swim a couple more hours.  We finally packed up and headed to the COLD showers around 4ish.  Then we hauled out the cooler one more time for dinner before hitting the road.  I finally pulled in to our driveway around 8:30 with three very tired kids!  It was a really fun day and I’m so glad we were able to do it (though I wish the circumstances had been different!)


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Anonymous said...

Where is this? Sounds like fun, I hate cold water!