Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little cabin in the woods…

Two days in the beautiful Cascade Mountains!  It felt like summer camp – well, sort of.  I don’t remember summer camp involving child care and cooking – but maybe that’s why this food was so much better!  Anyway, we went up on Wednesday night and spent all day Thursday and Friday covered in bug spray and soaking up the sun and beauty.  The guys went fishing several times both on the dock and in the boat. Rick and Doug also took the older boys out shooting with their pellet guns they all got for Christmas.  There was some hiking (I wouldn’t know anything about that though), and Paige and Carson threw a lot of rocks in the lake.  Did I mention how beautiful it was?  P1070082P1070083-2P1070094-2P1070098-2P1070102-2

Caden and Uncle Phil after one of their fishing expeditions.P1070116-2

Teaching the little ones the finer points of fishing…P1070117-2

Rick was great about taking the boys down fishing!  As is so typical of Caden, he made a friend while we were there!P1070123-2

Boating can be pretty exhausting apparently… P1070157-2

I think those ribs are as big as Caden’s head!P1070161-2Carson

Just a few more memories for the kids…

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Jill said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow what fun memories! Glad your summer is going well!