Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Since I had so much fun the first time...

Well, the ankle that I sprained a little over a week ago has been healing up amazingly well. So well that yesterday I even told Rick it was hardly noticeable anymore. Last night I was even picking up the kitchen and putting dishes away. All you short people out there will understand when I say that I hopped up on the counter to put some of the dishes away. That's just how we do it - right? Well that was all fine and dandy until I hopped back down. I felt my ankle folding beneath me and just screamed (I am NOT a screamer). Blinding pain is the best description I can think of. The only thing in my mind was pain. Once the screaming stopped the hysterical crying started. I mean sobbing incoherently and the only words you could understand were, "it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!" By that point I had collapsed on the ground. I heard the phone being dialed and knew Trace was calling someone (he and I and Paige were the only ones home) the only thing I thought was "I hope he isn't calling 911." Once I could talk I asked him who he'd called and he told me "Nana, because she'd know what to do." I was still on the floor crying and berating myself for my stupidity when my mom arrived a few minutes later. I honestly hadn't moved a muscle and didn't know if I'd actually broken it or not. It doesn't appear to be though. So, Nana stayed and baked cinnamon rolls with Trace (he and I had planned to have a special bonding moment) while I iced my ankle again. Today it is pretty much right back where it was a week ago. Maybe a little more swollen and a little more painful but what can I expect with an injury on top of an injury? I'm pretty irritated with myself at this point - this is not what I needed the first week of school! But, hey, I guess I get another week off - yeah right

Please don't read this as "poor me" if anything it's more of a "stupid (in a funny way) me". I am just surprised at the severity of the pain and my own reaction! That's what this post is meant to convey!

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