Friday, September 25, 2009

Lots of happenings and catching up!

Paige has officially started preschool! She has been so excited for the last year, I'm not sure she thought it would ever actually get here! Although I would have bought her her first backpack she had picked one of hers out and decided it was to be "the" preschool backpack. So we added a change of clothes (just so it wouldn't be empty) and she put it on. Once we were there it was a little more intimidating than she expected so I had to hang out for about 10 minutes (as opposed to leaving immediately like she had been telling me!). Everything went great though and I picked her up with the hugest smile on her face. She grinned and jabbered all the way home. Her favorite part of the day was playing with the big girls (high school students). She couldn't believe her luck when I told her those same big girls will come every day! Sorry Coleen you may have just lost out to big girls she sees every day. :) The preschool she goes to is very unique. It is operated within the high school and high school students can use one elective credit to work one period a day in there. Each preschooler has their own two tutors for one on one attention. This preschool is also half typically developed kids (like Paige) and half handicapped kids of varying degrees. It is an awesome experience for the kids to experience so many differences and hands down the best program in town - probably anywhere! High schools across the country have used it as a model to start their own!
Look at that smile!

Leaving to pick Trace up from soccer practice the other night I noticed the most beautiful sunset and had to take a couple of pictures. I love how the trees look like they are on fire. Trace is on the field in the red/black. He has been voted unofficially the best defender the team has! In other words as soon as he's subbed out the other team scores!

I also finally got around to doing Caden's friend birthday party. He wanted to take two buddies and go play video games at Chuck E He_ _ Cheese. I wanted a week night to avoid some of the noise crowds but that proved difficult to schedule with soccer and football. We finally made it and he had a blast. Rick found some great coupons online and it didn't end up costing us all that much. At first Paige only wanted to sit in the booth. I thought it was because she had just woken up until she looked around and then asked me, "when is he coming out?" It took me a split second to realize who he was - Chucky himself. Trying not to laugh I gently told her that I would hold her if he came out and she didn't have to go near him! Pretty funny!

Such a classic Caden look.

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Jill said...

BUSY BUSY BUSY! I am glad Paige did so well at preschool! That is always a nervous day for me. Good job to get the birthday party done! Check! The sunset picture is beautiful good job to get a picture of it I never have my camera at moments like those.