Sunday, September 27, 2009

More football

You'd think we were huge football fans around here with all the pictures! Really, one of the team parents takes about 150 pictures at every game and puts them online for us. And, I also think he looks awfully cute in that uniform! Caden is number 40 in the two pictures below. He had a great game with the highlight being when he tackled the guy with the ball all by himself! He did have immediate backup, but he was the one who took him down. We were pretty excited. They won again - 3 games, 3 slaughters (27/0, 26/0, 32/7). I think we need to mark the playoffs on our calendar. Something tells me we're going to be there! This weekend was another crazy one with the games being back to back in different locations but thankfully they weren't too far from each other and ALL the grandparents were in town!

Trace did really awsome in his game too and had several good blocks - he is definately made to be a defender! I call him the brick wall. The other team could go past one, two, three of our players then Trace is the last one before the goal and he just steps up and boots it away! Unfortunately he isn't on a winning team but they are getting better each week!

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