Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just another day 'round this crazy place!

I have a little helper when I empty the dishwasher now. She often comes running and asking to help. The reason it's so exciting? I let her touch the (butter) knives! Today she was singing that I'm the best mommy ever because I let her touch the knives. Aren't' I a great mom!?

Caden has taken up unicycling now too. The beginner class is always in the fall and they have to be in second grade to participate. He has waited anxiously for a whole year! So far he's not doing too bad. He likes it so I guess that's a good thing. Trace is staying after school to help out since he's now an "advanced" rider. Speaking of advance riders! The unicycle club is going to be performing during a Blazers game! Their teacher/coach has been trying for a long time to make it happen so everyone is really excited!
This is Caden and his friend from last year. She's a really sweet girl whose sister is also a unicycler. According to Caden she "likes" him and we think it's a little reciprocal so we love to tease him occasionally. He's pretty sensitive though so we have to tread very softly!
Caden was is a very picky eater. I clearly remember one particular dinner though, when he was probably about 2. I'm not sure if we were having pork chops or chicken (my kids think it's all the same anyway) and rice. That night he sat at the table for at least an hour and just kept asking for more. Rick and I were laughing and wondering how long he could keep it up and just where exactly was he putting it all!? His stomach was definitely a bit bloated looking! I can't remember him doing that since, but we did clearly establish that chicken/pork is a favorite.
So when he requested chicken nuggets for tonight's dinner I agreed. I made them myself using Ritz for the breading and threw a ton of tator tots in the oven to go along with my rather unhealthy gourmet meal. Well it is rather typical for Paige to be at the table looooong after everyone else is done and gone. Heck, I've been know to have the entire kitchen cleaned up while she still sits there! Tonight was very different though because while she was still there after we'd all finished she was also still asking for MORE! And more. And more. "Just one more piece, Mommy?" I'm not too sure where exactly she was putting it all but I think we've established that our third child is also a chicken/pork lover! The really funny part though, we finished about an hour ago and she is now eating a yogurt! Maybe the fact that she took an hour to eat her lunch so I finally took it away has something to do with it. Maybe a growth spurt is coming!
Needless to say, dinner was a hit tonight all around. It's been a long time since I've had all three kids raving about dinner and asking for more!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone liked your gourmet dinner. That always makes it nice when everyone really enjoys what you spend your time cooking and that they come back for more and more. Tell Caden good luck with the unicycle. I'm sure he will have fun doing it!


Jill said...

Good job with the dinner! I don't know about you but if I have had a long hard day and dinner is a success, it almost makes the day seem like a good one! Almost!