Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We were in Seattle last weekend for a family gathering. So naturally we decided to take the kids downtown and see Pikes Place Market and the Space Needle. Pikes was mostly just a crowded place the kids only half enjoyed. The Space Needle they thought was pretty cool. But the best part of the trip was the monorail ride between the two! It was fun to show the kids around the area and just relax together as a family.

The main reason we were there was for a birthday party. The party was held at a lake house where the kids were able to fun free, jump on a trampoline and swim all they wanted. Of course no adult wanted to swim because it was not exactly a hot day but that didn't stop the kids - especially Trace.

This is where he spent most of the day.

Caden spent most of the day with his new friend LunaBella (the girl! The dog is Murphy!).
He never did get that name right slaughtering it a dozen different ways!
Paige had a good time too.

She spent much of her time involved in this activity with her
cousin Ethan.
All in all it was a great weekend. We still have the soccer and football Jamborees this coming weekend and one last trip after that. Summer isn't quite over but we're getting there!

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Jill said...

Wow you guys took the events right to the end of summer! Good for you guys! That Seattle trip looks like fun!

Thanks for the support! I will call when I know I won't cry!