Thursday, August 06, 2009

"I'm a reader girl, Mommy!"

And yes, she is. Tonight her usual Bob book was downstairs so I pulled out the next one in the box - one she has never seen before. She knew the first word "Sam" from the other book. I helped her sound out a-n-d. Then I pointed to the next word and asked her what the first sound was. Her response? "Cat" Um, yes that is the word, I guess the first sound won't be entirely necessary now will it? After helping her one more time with -and- she had it down and proceeded to pretty much read me the rest of the book. I know I say she is smart as a whip, but dang did that catch me off guard! I refuse to push her so this is entirely on her own. Now, for those of you who might be reading this and thinking your kid is a total dolt - she still isn't recognizing numbers! Does that make you feel better? Maybe I should work on that with her? And maybe not. I have two very smart but mostly average boys ahead of her so this is just fun for me to watch.
Now, on another note. The next time you see us do not refer to Paige as tiny, small or little. While she may refuse to look at you or say 'hi', she will suddenly come to life and vehemently deny being any of those! She is a big girl, plain and simple. So I'm trying to remember to use the word petite - until she figures that out. And petite she definitely is. Still weighing in at a mere 25 pounds at almost three and a half. Just a little peanut. We passed on the pink football at Toys R Us last night as per the pediatrician's suggestion. I'm sure there will be no pink basketballs in her future either!

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