Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soccer fun

We had an exciting day of soccer today! Trace's team has been moved up to a division 1 standing. Unfortunately they aren't ready for it - but they are too good for division 2. So needless to say they have started their loosing streak. However, Trace has done AWESOME! Today he was like a human shield bouncing the ball off his head, his chest (twice!) and his sides. When he was in defense very few balls made it by. In fact when the coach pulled him out for a quick breather the other team score 3 goals!! As soon as Trace was back in - no more scores! It is great to see him doing so well and feeling so proud.

Now Caden's game was completely different! We laughed SO hard there were even some tears! I'm not sure what was the most funny though; Caden trying to guard another little guy who wanted nothing to do with it. They jockeyed back and forth so much that the elbows were flying and if the goalie hadn't kicked the ball someone would have ended up on the ground!; Or the time the other team's goalie was crouched down to get the ball but missed it and our team managed to kick the ball back and forth over his head a couple of times and still NOT SCORE! It is so painful to watch sometimes.; We also had quite a good laugh at our ref. who blew the whistle and called a time-out to answer his cell phone! Oh, my gosh that was a riot. Apparently his parents were sick and he needed to be reachable. They also don't have paid refs for this age just volunteers or occasionally a dad. Of course all the attempted goals that just miss and all the goals from the ball rolling between their legs because they are in la la land! Aahhh... life is so fun sometimes. To top it all off, Caden scored a goal!

I'll have some more pictures tomorrow probably.

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