Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our new favorite place

I've driven past this place a hundred times and always thought it looked really pretty but never bothered to stop. There is usually one car parked on the side of the road and someone running or walking on the trails. No parking lot because it is technically just a part of the local college campus. So I finally stopped with the kids on Sunday to see if we could get a couple of good pictures. After reading one of the signs, we discovered there had been until recently an old pioneer cabin and a "shed" of sorts. So we decided to go check it all out. What we discovered is a child's (boys!) wonderland! The local creek winds throughout the property, there is a pretty neat bridge across at one point and tons of walking/hiking/running trails. It was getting dark so I promised we'd go back the next day, which we did. We have had so much fun exploring and the area is huge so there is lots to discover! I have a feeling we'll be spending plenty of time there in the future!

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