Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was in the kitchen when I heard the screams. Not your typical scream, but the only-mom-knows-something-is-seriously-wrong kind. Then next thing I know Caden is dripping blood across my kitchen floor and crying hysterically with his hand over his mouth. I managed to get a little look and saw two tooth-sized gashes on the inside that were bleeding so fast I could barely see them. My heart was racing and I was trying to stay calm and figure out what to do. So I called mom. My brother has had his share of split lips so I figured she could help me analyze the situation. In the meantime I got the battered and bloodied Caden onto the couch with washrag and ice so I could evaluate the rest of his body. One badly scraped and bleeding knee, a long scratch on the other leg, a bruised and scratched belly and, we later discovered, one missing tooth (that was contributing substantially to the bleeding). Fortunately Trace was able to find the tooth (which had already been loose) in the street. Unfortunately when it tore out it also managed to tear the gum in two spots all the way up (ouch!). After a call to the doctor we determined stitches wouldn't be necessary and a visit to the dentist checked out ok too.

Now for those of you who know me well, you will remember that I don't do well with medical situations involving myself or someone I care about. I break out in a cold sweat, get nauseous, shaky and just have to sit and take deep breaths. It isn't pretty. Especially since it usually happens during a rather inconvenient time (like when my child is bleeding to death!). Well, thank goodness my parents were able to come right over and as soon as he was comfortable with Nana I got in the shower and tried to get myself back under control! What a nightmare. Just typing this makes me feel queasy again! I'm pretty pathetic, I know.
Thanks to Darlene I realized that I never mentioned HOW this happened! We live in a neighborhood with a few hills, including our street. The boys like to go with the neighbor kids up and around then ride down one hill turn then turn again and go down our hill picking up speed all the time. Then we also have those new fangled curbs that are a big bump and don't slope into the street. (Exactly like the ones in Minooka - for those who are there!) Put two and two together and, well, you get Caden. I guess he tried to turn into our driveway and the way his tire caught just threw him. He is doing much better tonight and spending the night with Grandma. When the motrin wore off he started showing it a little so we drugged him up again. The dentist asked him right away if he was wearing his helmit - YES! We are huge pro-helmit around here - no helmit=no bike.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know he is ok ! ! How did he do it ? ? ?


Stacy said...

Wow! Sounds like I handle things. I passed out when I cut my finger last year, and I am just sure that Max is going to have a BIG fall off his new swingset any day now - I just hope we all fair OK!

I am glad Caden is doing well!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing. Tell Caden we hope he is feeling better. Little Trooper. Hope all else is well. TJ is adjusting to being home and the only child again. He asks me everyday where the "airpains" are. Good to be home though. Wish we could see you guys more often.

- Jennifer