Friday, August 22, 2008

Little cabin in the woods...

Taking a boat ride with Dad and Scott. Notice the little spot in the water just in front of the yellow barrel. That's Trace!
He made it in to the dock from the swimming platform before hypothermia set in!
The kids and I after 'summiting' our mountain! We were a long way up, and I do mean up! Straight up.
I took this about half the way up the rock wall/landslide that we climbed. The picture doesn't do justice to how steep it actually was!

Rick's sister and family in invited us up to their family cabin this past week. The drive up was nothing short of agony with three bickering kids in the back but is was a great chance to visit with Rick's cousin and family who went with us. The lake was absolutely beautiful though. The weather was a bit cool so we didn't do any boating or swimming (most of us), but we did relax, throw lots of rocks in the water, and do a bit of climbing.

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