Monday, January 07, 2008

A taste of Spring in JANUARY!

We had record breaking temperatures here in Chicagoland today. I heard it reached 66 degrees here where we are! Unfortunately the wind didn't make it feel quite that warm - but I'm not about to complain! When the boys got home from school (which finally started again today) we went out for some basketball with Jordan from next door and then a short walk. By that time the lightening was starting off in the distance so we headed in for dinner and a quick round of Wii before bedtime. I'm now sitting here listening to the news reports of severe thunderstorms and tornados all around us while the rain pours outside. I have to say that when we eventually leave Illinois I will definately miss the severe weather! I'm probably the only one in our family, but I love, love, love these storms. Granted, I'd probably feel much differently if one ever actually hit us directly!
If you can, click on the first picture above. You gotta see the grin on Caden's face as he outsmarts two third graders!

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