Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bedtime at our house

Paige has taken to climbing into Caden's bed and pulling the covers up over herself while we are reading stories. She is so deliberate about it, and just lays there looking at me like it is perfectly normal! Caden, of course, just eats it up! We did get her a "big girl" bed but it isn't set up yet for several reasons. Hopefully by her second birthday in February we can transition her into it.
I know the posts have been slow lately. We have a lot going on around here right now and I just haven't taken very many pictures! Hopefully I'll have some news to report by next week! If you have time to say a prayer for us it would be greatly appreciated - especially for Rick this week.

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Anonymous said...

A couple of cuties. I miss them already!!

You know that Rick is in our prayers this week and our prayers are with all of you as you get answers to YOUR prayers, very soon.