Saturday, August 19, 2006

TA's and CA's are comming!

A TA is your travel approval from China - or permission to come pick up your baby. CA is your Consulate appointment where you apply for your child's visa to come home. You're agency can't schedule your CA without a TA. The CA is pretty much the last stop on the journey. For those who got referrals last month (end of July) TA's started arriving yesterday and a couple agencies are trying for CA's the first two weeks of September! That means the families will be leaving the end of August!! Four weeks from Referral to Departure is almost unheard of. It is typically 6-8 weeks at least. It is good news though that something is speeding up in this process!!!

Referral information is expected out this week. Of course we would get the month where there are virtually NO rumors until the very end of the month! I think we will actually see referrals arriving the end of August/first of September.

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