Monday, August 07, 2006

Indiana Beach

We took the trailer out for its second trip last weekend. Two of our neighbors went also. It was about a three hour drive to Indiana Beach and we avoided the freeway where the sniper shootings have been. We spent all day Saturday at the park. In the morning we mainly played in the water. Caden and Jenna were too short for the water slides but they had fun in the swimming area. We went back to the trailer for a nap and dinner then went back to the park until eleven! The kids had a blast on all of the rides - Trace especially loved the roller coasters! Caden surprised me by loving the bumper cars! He kept yelling at Rick to get Sarah or Jacob. All in all we had a great time with friends and can't wait to go again (Labor Day).

No new news on the adoption front but keep checking frequently! We could start hearing rumors as early as this week that are reliable. The general feeling is that we will be included this month!

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