Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just a Quick note

I've had several people ask me 'What's next?'. Well, we THINK we are next, but we won't know more positively for another week or two. I promise to post here anything I 'hear'. IF we are next then we will probaby know by the rumors about a week before referrals arrive. Again, I'll let you all know! Once referrals arrive we will get a phone call from our agency telling us her name, birthdate and where she lives. The next day we will receive pictures and a medical history via overnight fed-ex. We have a doctor review the information and then send back our acceptance, which is faxed to China. Then guess what we do? WAIT AGAIN!!! This will be the hardest wait because we will know who she is. If all goes well, we will be in China to pick her up about 6 weeks later. We won't know until about two weeks before we leave the exact dates though. We would appreciate your prayers this month!

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