Thursday, June 23, 2011

I think it’s summer


But I’m honestly not very convinced.  The roar of the school bus has faded, the bickering has escalated, strawberry jam is made but so far we’ve only seen that yellow thing in the sky once.  In a week.  Tomorrow’s high is supposed to make 68.  I just told Rick I’m ready to move anywhere that isn’t muggy or have big bugs.  When moving is joked about Trace panics and Caden gets excited.  We can’t win can we?

So far we have spent each day working in various locations.  Trace is trying to earn money to go to Young Life camp this summer, Caden just likes to spend and knows he has to work to have the money to spend.  I’m planning to join them soon in order to pay for three kids in orthodontics and multiple other activities.  What else is new?  So much more but this program hasn’t been working very well and I hate to type a bunch only to have it not post again!

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kristin_quinn said...

Thanks for the advice on the clothing! I did buy size 5, so I feel better about the choice. I did get a couple items with adjustable waists, too, so hopefully that will work! (waiting for Kaia)