Friday, June 17, 2011

The Demon Bird

So we have been hearing the sounds of birds in the vent above our microwave for probably about a month.  I finally got Rick to to out and take a look.  After much poking and prodding he eventually had to take apart the cupboard above the stove.

This is what he found…P1090558-2

It was no small task to pull all of that out of there either!  I don’t think that bird was building a nest so much as a nestmansion!  Criminy, that thing was huge!  Rick cut a piece of chicken wire and put it over the vent and after several hours we were finally done.  At least that’s what we thought…

After dinner Trace told Rick he thought the bird was back – to which Rick scoffed.  Then I agreed with Trace and Rick said there was no way they could get in again.   I went out to have a look and here is what I found…P1090559-2

Apparently those blasted birds are pretty determined little buggers!  After that Rick took four screws and screwed the chicken wire on!  There is strong evidence that the birds do not appreciate his handiwork but they have yet to defeat it this time!

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