Saturday, June 25, 2011

First week of summer



What a week it has been!  It started off with three birthday parties, Father’s day and a Timbers game.  The boys absolutely loved the game and can hardly wait to go to another one!  Thanks Aunt Chris for taking us and Uncle Brian for the cool masks!

I’m thinking maybe (hopefully) Trace is hitting a growth spurt.  He ate three of these chicken sandwiches during the game!


On Monday the boys and I went to help close up the classroom I worked in all year.  While the boys were a help, they also had some fun with the toys…


On Tuesday Trace and Caden helped their grandpa wash two cars and a trailer all afternoon; Wednesday they mowed lawns and did yard work with Papa; Thursday they weeded at cousin Brady’s business, Friday was a day “off” and Saturday was back to weeding in the morning a birthday party in the afternoon and a graduation party the rest of the day!  Whew!  When do we get a break?!


Missing these little guys though!  Wish we could go visit them in Hawaii…


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