Monday, April 05, 2010

I want the day after Easter off!

Why do kids have to go back to school the day after Easter? Seriously, how many families were either traveling late or had company late? Probably a majority! Not to mention all the sugar the kids were jacked up on. By the time Trace and Caden were getting into bed last night they were both exhausted and coming down from sugar highs. I had both of them in tears over things that usually don't bother them! If I didn't have to go to work I probably would have just let them sleep in and go late. Oh-well - better brace for this afternoon!

We had a great Easter though! The kids were up far too early and thrilled with what the bunny had brought them. I think we had enough eggs to make the hunt fun and even a little challenging for Trace. Friends and family joined us for dinner in the afternoon and then a wild game of Nerts! I think I'm done entertaining until September now!


Bailey said...

Sounds like some great Easter fun. Sorry the kids had to return to school. Our district gives us a 4 day weekend, Friday thru Monday off. However, we do not get a Spring break, so this is it for time off during the Spring. I do agree though, the day after Easter is too soon to return to school. Hope you are well.

Stacy said...

I am so in agreement on the Easter Monday holiday. That's how they do it in Canada. So, guess who was driving home from the family get together at 10pm last night only to wake up and get Eric off to work at 6ish??? That's really going to stink when the kiddos are in school!