Monday, April 26, 2010

And life just keeps plugging along...

We had another busy weekend around here! Saturday morning we spent freezing to death at two soccer games. (And I spent some time being depressed about my first team never winning a game!) Then Trace and Nana and I went to a huge bookstore - the biggest one I've ever heard of! Trace and I love to go there and wander for hours. After that we raced home to get Caden to a birthday party at Chuck-E- He _ _ Cheese. Trace and Paige and I went to a much quieter pizza place and met up with Aunt Kim and Grandma before going back for Caden.

On Sunday morning we went to early church in order to get to a birthday party at 11. It turned out to be a beautiful day and the kids had a blast at the party. It is amazing how something so simple as a morning at a park can be so much fun. I think the coup-de-gras was finding the huge cow bones in the forest (the park was built in part of an old cow pasture)!

Sunday afternoon we finally finished up Aunt Kim's yard. Now it is on to our yard next! Rick met up with Kim's husband in So.Cal. and together they have been driving up. I'm expecting them to arrive literally any minute now.

Two more soccer games for each of the boys and hopefully a trip to Hawaii for Rick and I - that's what's coming up. Other than that - it's life as usual around here!

Watching the gift unwrapping! Look how long her hair is!
I just love the views around here!

Spinning himself crazy!

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