Thursday, December 04, 2008

Our trip to the big guy

I decided to take the kids after school in the hope that it wouldn't be crowded. It paid off because we were the only ones there! Since there was no way I could/would pay $15 for one 5x7 picture I had to stand outside the little fence to use my own camera. Unfortunately I'm discovering that while my camera does well enough outside it is totally inadequate inside - especially from a distance. So none of the pictures were great but there is one I'll have to work with and see if it will do. Otherwise we'll have to go back for a 'retake'.
Trace wasn't too keen on the idea of actually going to sit with Santa. He asked me if Santa didn't already know what he wanted. In the end I gave him the perfect out by suggesting he take Paige up. He then made a point of telling Nana and Papa later that he only went so Paige would go! Both boys got their 'order' in and then it was Paige's turn. I doubt Santa gets very many two year olds who tell him what store their gift of choice is at! She told him, just as she keeps telling us, that she wants, "the baby and diaper changer in the big box with the little stroller - at Costco!" Of course she doesn't say it quite that clearly and she rattles it off so fast that someone usually has to interpret! Good thing Santa has finished his shopping for our house.
Things at our house are about the same at the moment. We are decorated for Christmas and this weekend we are hoping to hike up into the woods for our tree. Trace has started advanced unicycling. He is doing so well! Apparently they were riding around and shooting baskets at the same time the other day. In the next couple of weeks they will be learning to jump rope and hop on the unicycle. I'm pretty impressed! There were only a couple of kids who were moved to advanced after only one session of beginner so it's a big deal for Trace and we are awfully proud of him. Caden is doing really well in Chess club too. He really has a knack for it - unlike his mother! Every week he looks forward to playing with his buddy Saunders and they are getting pretty advanced themselves. Paige is excelling at being two! She is getting a little too smart for her britches though. We are in total shock that she can already recognize over half of the alphabet and even knows the sounds of a couple letters! That's about it for now...
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Jill said...

Too cute! Good job to take them and get their request in tothe big guy!