Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to all..

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year! We were so blessed to have lots of family around us and more of anything than we needed. Christmas Eve was at our house this year with Rick's side of the family. Since churches were all pretty much canceled due to the weather we had our own little candle light service which turned out to be really neat.

After everyone left I was sitting on the couch checking where Santa was on Norad with the kids. I had a little bell on the vest I was wearing and it made a little jingle. Paige's head popped up and she said, "I hear Santa!" I intentionally made the sound again and she bolted off my lap. I asked her where she was going and got, "No! Havta go bed else Santa can come!" She made a beeline up the stairs so I asked if she was going to tell Daddy good night. Without even looking back over her shoulder she yelled, "night Daddy!" Normally she would have turned around and gone back for a hug - not this time Santa was comming! She was so much fun this year with the whole Santa thing. Poor Trace is really struggling with what to think about it. He wants to believe but I think deep down he knows. I guess we did pretty good to make it ten years with him.

Christmas morning the kids found that Santa had not passed them by. He treated them all very well and got them what they had asked for. Between parents and grandparents I don't think there was much on their lists they didn't get! Although Caden did say there was one thing he didn't get and it happend to be the $100 Star Wars toy he has wanted forever - so sorry that's just not happening!

We still aren't done with family though. Rick's mom's side is getting together on Saturday and my side on Sunday. There won't be many gifts for us at either which is just fine with me!

As far as the weather is concerned around here - it has been a mess. We have more snow on the ground than this area has had in something like 50 years! More snow on Christmas Day than they have records for! I think there was about a foot our there and it was really pretty. Unfortunately they are NOT prepared for it here and do not have the snow plows needed. So most of the roads the snow just piled up on and got packed down with traffic. Then the cars with chains tore it all up so it is kinda like driving on ski mougles a total nightmare! The weather is supposed to start warming up into the 40's now so we should start to see it melt...
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