Monday, September 15, 2008


I'd like to say the second picture was of Caden saving the day but unfortunately that ball rolled right past him into the box the second the camera clicked! Let's just say goalie isn't his best position. Both boys had fun at their first games of the season and we had beautiful weather. Caden scored a goal and both of their teams won - a great start. I can already see my future flashing before my eyes though - we had a game at 9am about 25 minutes away,made it home for an hour (just enough time for a quick lunch) then had to drive almost 40 minutes to the next game. After that we rushed home so Trace could take a shower then immediately left to get him to a birthday party. Then it was back to pick him up and go to a special event down at Fort Vancouver. We didn't get home for the night until about 7:30! Next week will be the best since both games are at the same time at the same field! Whoo-hoo...

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