Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back to school

The boys are back in school and so far so good. Caden is doing pretty well with the full day but has said he gets a little homesick a couple times during the day. I can't belive how accurate his therapist was when she said he'd hold everything in at school then come home and fall apart! That is exactly what he does and a few weeks ago was actually able to verbalize that to me for the first time. It should be an interesting year. Trace is happy to be back with friends and seems to really like his teacher. This is his first year with a male teacher and I hope it is a good experience for him.
Soccer started again last week also. We have missed it since there was no spring league this year. Trace got on a team with a lot of kids from school so he is thrilled. I had to laugh during his first practice though. Those coaches are serious! They ran those boys for almost a solid hour and a half. They aren't able to sit during water breaks either - makes them too relaxed I guess. I love it and Trace really needs it! Caden has a pretty good coach too and knows at least one other boy on his team. They both are in awe that there are no girls on the team - they played co-ed in Illinois for the past two years. The only downside to the whole thing is the schedule. They get off the bus at about 3:30 and Caden is supposed to be at practice at 3:50. He is done at 4:40 and Trace doesn't have to be back until 5:30 and picked up at 7:00. It makes Tuesday and Thursday pretty long days!

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