Sunday, September 28, 2008

A day for JDRF

We were invited by our (oh-so-wonderful) friends to walk in this year's Juvenile Diabetes Research Walk for a Cure, in honor of their 4 year old daughter who was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. It turned out to be a beautiful day with around 5000 people! After the walk we had unlimited ride bracelets for the adjoining amusement park since we had participated. The kids had a great time and didn't even complaine about the walk - I was very proud of them. Paige had a great day too (and a little nap in the stroller). We left home this morning about 8:30 and didn't get home again until after 5. When we pulled into the driveway and turned the car off none of us moved for about five minutes! Apparently all of us are a bit worn out from the day. We had a lot of fun though and hopefully we can walk again next year!

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