Thursday, November 15, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

I wanted to leave our anniversary post at the top but this situation is far more important right now. Please spread this to anyone you can.

A family left for China a over a week ago to adopt their new daughter. After the adoption was complete the father passed away unexpectedly of complications from diabetes. Normally all this family would have left to do is pick up the child's visa and return home. However since the mother's "marital status" has changed the US Consulate is refusing to issue the child's visa. They are telling her she must re-apply - a process that can take months. In the meantime this child has nowhere to go. This mother is from Michigan if you feel led to write/call her senators or representatives. Condeleesa Rice's office has been notified and are aware of the situation as well. Please send up your prayers for intervention on this mother's behalf. She is going through so much right now and just needs to get home with her family. Tell all the prayer warriors you know about this situation and let's bring Hannah home!

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Anonymous said...

This family was actually from Michigan. The real story is the airport confiscated the father's oral diabetes medication and he figured he could make the entire trip with just his injections. He was wrong. They were on a bowling team with one of the Senators from Michigan and the mother contacted him after her husband died and the Senator obviously got a hold of the correct authorities to get their adoption finished. The government in China was had said that thier family situation had changed since the father died and that was the reason behind denying the adoption at that point. Sometimes it is about the people you know.