Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The "Playroom"

When I get tired of cleaning I tend to just re-arrange. So yesterday, tired of living in a "show" house and tired of cleaning I decided to get creative. The hard part is that there is no wall between our "family" room and "living" room, it is just one long room with two separate carpet squares. Well now we have all the furniture on one side and toys on the other. It might look strange but at least we all have a seat now to watch tv and Paige now has toys to keep her entertained.
Trace and I spent Sunday afternoon in the emergency room. I wasn't able to find an urgent care and the hospital has something similar attached to their ER. So we sat there for what seemed like forever to find out that yes, he has a horrible case of strep throat. No school for 48 hours! Yes, 48! Ugh. Since there is no school Wednesday that means he is out of school for a whole week! Again, ugh. It is going to be a long week since it is too cold/wet to be outside and they are predicting snow for Thanksgiving day. Isn't motherhood fun?

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