Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ok, I'm afraid to post this but....

It looks like we'll be staying in Illinois for the time being. Rick was running into some major personality conflicts in Wisconsin. We talked a lot and decided that since this was not a career improvement there was no reason to put him into that kind of stressful situation. There was obviously more to it than just personality but it's too complicated to type it all out! It helped to know that his boss really wanted him to stay at O'Hare. A few changes are happening at O'Hare which will make it a nicer place to work too. We will still have the issue of the commute to deal with though. I suggested a couch, small fridge, microwave and t.v. in his office for nights he just doesn't have it in him to battle the traffic!
Now that that decision has been mostly settled we will have some other major decisions to make. We are considering taking the house off the market for a while. Rick has a friend who is willing to "rent" our guest room (or section of the basement) for four nights a week which might be just enough to get us by. If we don't have to disrupt the kids then we would rather not. The school issue is another big one. Caden is more than likely going to the local public school. We would really like to switch Trace there too but that would make three schools in four years! What happens if we end up leaving Illinois in another year? Having them both at the same school would be nice and not having to run back and forth to the school everyday would be a relief! I also would have to start working at Trace's school if we kept him there which doesn't make a very nice life for the younger two during the week. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions! Don't worry, I'll keep everyone posted!

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