Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm trying!

Well Blogger has had "old" and "new" blogger for a while now. I resisted changing from the old to the new because, well, I just don't like change. I finally caved last week and made the switch. Looking at the blog you can't tell anything (except that I lost my music). Now, I have spent the better part of today (between laundry, kids, and school runs) trying to upload some pictures with no luck!!! I am so irritated right now and kicking myself for making the change - I knew better. Anyway, I'm going to keep trying but in the meantime I may look into a new hosting site!

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Stacy said...

Hey there! I love your blog. I've been sitting here for a few hours trying (for the first time)to make RockYou work to do a slide show on my blog, but it isn't working... I have been on the new version for most of my time and I don't know anything about the way things used to be, but I can't make the system accept my little slide show of Max and his bday cake, except into the sidebar - and it looks silly! Any advice?
Your girl is beautiful!