Thursday, March 15, 2007

A little family update...

Trace is doing really well in school and loves it! He lives for the weekends though when he gets to play the Playstation 2. Right now he is excited about moving because, he says, it is close to the Dells (a resort town with the largest indoor and outdoor water parks in the country), and Daddy has all but promised motorcycles - way to go Dad! Trace is a neat kid and has been a lot of fun as he gets older. He is loving and sensitive but true to his age is also mastering the arts of talking back, muttering and eye rolling!
Caden enjoys preschool and comes home almost weekly announcing he has a new friend. He is shy and very self conscious and has a hard time making friends sometimes. We still make a weekly trip to Occupational Therapy. It is an hour drive each way so we usually pack our lunches and make a day of it - picking Trace up on our way back. They have been working a lot on upper body strengthening since he seems to have some low muscle tone. Recently they have also been concentrating a lot on learning his letters too. He is trying so hard but it is a real struggle for him. So far, after several months, he knows A,B,C,F and X! He is looking forward to our move also and pretty much just because of the motorcycle talk! He is nervous and excited about starting kindergarten next year.
Rick is in the process of transitioning from O'Hare to Milwaukee. This week he was up there a couple of days and each week it will gradually become more and more. I expect him to be up there during the week and home weekends by next month. It is only a two hour drive from our house so it isn't like he is out of reach! He is really looking forward to a more relaxed environment with a little less responsibility. Most importantly though he can't wait to only have a 10-20 minute drive to work instead of an hour and a half!
I'm about the same. Not really looking forward to uprooting everyone again and really dreading the nightmare of switching all our bills, carriers and doctors. By the time we have our last post-placement visit for Paige we will have had 5 different social workers! I am however looking forward to it for some other reasons. It is truly pretty up there with more rolling hills and TREES!! We will be putting ourselves in a much better financial position and since I pay all the bills that will be a huge stress relief. We are thinking of putting both boys into public school too. With Caden struggling like he is we are thinking public may have better resources to help him and since we are changing Trace again it is a good opportunity to transition him. That too will be a big help for our financial situation as well as taking some pressure off me!
Tigger and Lucy (the cats) are fine too. I thought for sure they would abandon Paige's room once she was in it. It seems, however, that they have set up housekeeping under the crib and are right there ready to jump in if I should forget and leave the side down! Lucy is almost protective of Paige which is pretty funny.
Well that's all from aound here for now!

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