Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Quick Paige update...

I know most of you are checking here often waiting to hear something! A few have even called and asked "what's going on?" Well, we are waiting. I know, big surprise huh? It seems like things are going similarly to last month. A few VERY early rumors followed by silence, and then out of no where referrals show up! My personal guess is that we will start to see referrals arriving by the end of this week. Our agency will be one of the last to contact us because they have everything translated and double checked first. I am hoping to know who she is by the end of the week and have a picture by next week. That is best case though. We may not hear until next week. Trust me, I will put anything I hear up here as soon as I can!

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cheryl said...

Hey there,

Just reading all about whats up with you guys. I hope this month will be better than the last. Nichole lost a classmate (18 years old) from school in a car accident this weekend......SAD, very sad. That is about it from here. Everyday keeps us hopping!