Thursday, September 14, 2006

Forty days and forty nights...

well ok maybe it was only one night, but it was over four inches in a little more than two hours! Trace woke me in the middle of the night asking what a noise was. Rick sat up and told him it was thunder - I had no idea, slept right through it. When I went to tuck Trace back in I heard it myself. Holy Cow! I've never heard thunder that loud before. I love thunder stormes, but I couldn't get back to sleep with this one. Just as I'd start to relax the thunder would hit again. It felt like the house was going to explode and the kitchen clock was even knocked off the wall! It dawned on me that the neighbors basement had flooded several weeks ago. Then I really couldn't get to sleep because I was worried about ours. So first thing in the morning I headed down to the basement. The smell of wet cement met me even before I saw the water. Thank goodness we had almost nothing of value down there and several things were in plastic totes. From now on everything will be in a plastic tote!

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