Monday, September 04, 2006

A new update...

Several people have mentioned that they are checking here almost daily for an update and noticed I haven't updated for a while. Well, there just wasn't much to say after the last referrals came out. Nothing positive that is! Thank you so much for all of your caring messages - Cheryl, Kim, Cheri, Robin and others! I did finally have a brief little cry, but got over it pretty quickly - what else could I do?

Trace started school two weeks ago and has absolutely loved it! His teacher is great and he can't wait to go each day. Caden starts pre-school tomorrow and he is really excited. His birthday is Thursday so he is really happy he gets to take treats on the second day of school! We are having a little party with the neighbors on Saturday. Caden wanted an Army Guy party, so I'm trying to come up with an obstacle course and I think we will have a 'grenade' launch (water balloons). Other than that it should be low key!

NOW! The reason you are really here...
As of right now the rumors have been very consistant this month so far. Most agencies are saying they expect the next batch of referrals to cover through July 28th (we are the 26th). I am trying to stay calm and not get too excited. Although I do believe the rumors will be correct, I am so scared of getting crushed again! It is a delicate balance right now. If things go according to plan we will see our baby girl's face in just a couple of weeks! Looks like we will have something to really be thankful for this Thanksgiving - a daughter!

P.S. We have purchased our tickets to Vancouver for Christmas! Mark your calender for December 17th - we hope to have an open house to introduce you to baby Paige!

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