Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Are we ready for this?

I think we are all feeling a little differently about this question! When I asked Trace this morning he was quiet. So I asked if he really believed it would happen and he said "not really". That's honest and fair considering how long it has taken! Rick is ready to get it over with and a little excited about the trip. As far as a daughter, he really wants one but is cautiously guarded. It is a huge leap of faith to adopt! With a birth child you pretty much know you will love them. With your first adopted child there is that unknown fear of whether or not you will be able to love them as much as your birth children. For me, well I'm dreading waking up in the middle of the night again (many of them have night terrors and a hard time adjusting for a long time), potty training again (and the diapers before that!). The higher level of supervision that a toddler needs and I've forgotten about. But I can't wait to hold those fat little baby hands, rock her to sleep with a bottle, listen to the contagious laugh that any baby has and just watch her grow! I guess we are ready. Just like the end of a pregnancy I guess!

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