Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving and "starting summer"

Caden and Paige had a little bit of fun helping to clean up the old house as we were moving out.  They were a lot of help!  We managed to get ourselves moved the last weekend of July.  It was HOT and exhausting work but finished in just two days!

 An evening in the srpinkler!  We got home a little late one evening and as I tried to adjust the sprinkler the kids got a bit adventurous.  They were soaked, but laughing and having a wonderful time!

Hanging out at Aunt Karen and Uncle Phil's pool on a hot Sunday afternoon in August.  Despite a very hot day we had the pool to ourselves.

 After my post-op (from the hysterectomy on June 19), where I found out my blood pressure was way up again, I decided we were going to start relaxing and having a summer!  Our first outing was to Steakburger in Hazel Dell for a round of mini golf and some burgers and fries.  It was Paige's first time at mini golf and she loved it.  The boys were in rare form and had a lot of fun too!

Here's Paige practicing her teenage, pouty, "duck" lips!  It's kind of the trend right now on Facebook so I thought it was pretty funny when I caught a shot of her looking like this!

And finally, Caden's black eye!  After an injury at the fair that required 13 stitches he wound up with a nice shiner too.  This was the day his stitches came out.  The plastic surgeon did such a great job that his scar will probably not even be noticeable.  He was mostly upset that he can't hit in football for a while!  And the fun just keeps on coming!!!

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