Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our first pig roast...

The kids and I went out to my sister's place for some summer fun yesterday.  They pulled the pig out of the ground with Paige and I watching in fascination!  I would love a picture of our faces though! LOL  It was "interesting" looking that's for sure!

The kids favorite part of the day was the litter of kittens.  Maegan's cat had them 4-6 weeks ago and man were they cute!  Oh my goodness just as sweet as anything!  We all got a lot of time loving on them before it was time to go.

The kids, Caden's friend Ryan included, had fun out in the field where they found all kinds of materials to "work" with.  Nearly empty spray paint cans, pieces of metal, wire, wood, an old hammer, knife, frying pan...  you get the idea.  Perfect place for boys!

Mama kitty and her brood.  So cute...

It was a great afternoon.  Nice and relaxing and perfect weather too.  A great way to spend our last free Saturday before football games begin!

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