Friday, September 24, 2010

The sun shines on…

This is the view from the window above our stairs.  Last Saturday morning as we were getting ready to leave for games I happened to look up and see this breath-taking sight.



We have had a very emotional couple of days around here.  Starting on Wednesday we began to rethink our decision to move Caden into the gifted program.  His stress level was rapidly rising and his happiness was decreasing.  He had chewed all of his fingernails to the quick and was now getting stomach aches.  After talking with the mother of another student in the program and a lot of family members we made the decision last night to pull him from the program.  So today at noon I picked him.  As soon as I walked into the classroom, the tears I’ve been holding back for two days just spilled out.  The best thing I ever did though was to go straight back to his old school to re-register him.  Every adult who passed him said, “CADEN!  Hey, how are you?”  His favorite PE teacher, the nurse, the secretaries.  The absolute best though was walking into his new classroom and seeing the faces of the kids as they saw him!  He was a celebrity.  We were able to go out to recess with the class where he and his best friend saw each other for the first time – it was priceless!  So, as hard of a decision as it was to make I just knew that we had made the right decision.P1070611-2-public


Bailey said...

I am happy to hear that you are at peace with the decision. I can understand the difficulty you had in trying to choose what was best for him. So happy to hear the outcome.

Jill said...

Those are tough decisions for us mothers! I am glad you feel good about it and that Caden is happy!

We need to chat...not sure of your work schedule. I will try this afternoon.