Friday, September 17, 2010


Football season is in full swing now. The boys have practiced hard and it is showing in their games! Caden is playing mostly center and safety this year (Rick told him to enjoy center because this is the only time in his life he'll be in that position!). Their first game went really well and was a relatively easy win despite the size of the boys on the other team. The second game was quite an adventure - for the parents. It's a long story about unsportsman-like conduct from the opposing coach which ended with him being suspended for three games. Should have been permanently based on the seriousness of the issues but whatever. It was one of the most intense games I've ever watched and after being behind the whole game our boys were able to pull off a win in the last two minutes! It was the sweetest victory ever!

That's Caden's helmet, he's spiking the ball.
Caden is #40 in the center.

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